The plugin enables us to reliably and efficiently stream large amounts of data/logs onto HBase using the Phoenix API. The necessary configuration of the custom Phoenix sink and the Event Serializer has to be configured in the Flume configuration file for the Agent. Currently, the only supported Event serializer is a RegexEventSerializer which primarily breaks the Flume Event body based on the regex specified in the configuration file.


  • Phoenix v 3.0.0 SNAPSHOT +
  • Flume 1.4.0 +

Installation & Setup:

  1. Download and build Phoenix v 0.3.0 SNAPSHOT
  2. Follow the instructions as specified here to build the project as the Flume plugin is still under beta
  3. Create a directory plugins.d within $FLUME_HOME directory. Within that, create a sub-directories phoenix-sink/lib
  4. Copy the generated phoenix-3.0.0-SNAPSHOT-client.jar onto $FLUME_HOME/plugins.d/phoenix-sink/lib


Property Name Default Description
type org.apache.phoenix.flume.sink.PhoenixSink
batchSize 100 Default number of events per transaction
zookeeperQuorum Zookeeper quorum of the HBase cluster
table The name of the table in HBase to write to.
ddl The CREATE TABLE query for the HBase table where the events will be upserted to. If specified, the query will be executed. Recommended to include the IF NOT EXISTS clause in the ddl.
serializer regex Event serializers for processing the Flume Event . Currently , only regex is supported.
serializer.regex (.*) The regular expression for parsing the event.
serializer.columns The columns that will be extracted from the Flume event for inserting into HBase.
serializer.headers Headers of the Flume Events that go as part of the UPSERT query. The data type for these columns are VARCHAR by default.
serializer.rowkeyType A custom row key generator . Can be one of timestamp,date,uuid,random and nanotimestamp. This should be configured in cases where we need a custom row key value to be auto generated and set for the primary key column.

For an example configuration for ingesting Apache access logs onto Phoenix, see this property file. Here we are using UUID as a row key generator for the primary key.

Starting the agent:

   $ bin/flume-ng agent -f conf/ -c ./conf -n agent


For monitoring the agent and the sink process , enable JMX via$FLUME_HOME/conf/ script. Ensure you have the following line uncommented.

JAVA_OPTS="-Xms1g -Xmx1g"    

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