Phoenix consists of several subprojects.

The core of the project is the phoenix project, which depends on the phoenix-thirdparty, phoenix-omid and phoenix-tephra projects.

phoenix-queryserver and phoenix-connectors are optional packages that depend on the phoenix project.

Check out the source and follow the build instructions in (or in the root directory.

Using Phoenix in a Maven Project

Phoenix is also hosted at Apache Maven Repository and Maven Central. You can add it to your mavenized project by adding the following to your pom:


Where [phoenix.version] is the phoenix release i.e 5.1.2 or 4.16.1, and [hbase.profile] is the supported HBase version, which you can see listed on the download page.


The main Phoenix project currently has two active branches.

The 4.x branch works with HBase 1 and Hadoop 2, while the 5.x branch works with HBase 2 and Hadoop 3. See the download page and for the HBase versions supported by each release.

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